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I’m part of an Anglo/American family currently based in the Netherlands, whose children live in three countries – USA, Canada, UK – separated by distance and time zones. (I started my family at an incredibly young age, obviously.)

I always wanted to travel – so long as I could go back home. Living overseas wasn’t a consideration. Born and raised in England, our family found ourselves transplanted to the sultry heat of New Orleans USA,  bloomed in the warmth and became US citizens. This was quite enough travelling for any one person as far as I was concerned, but fate intervened and we were dragged by the roots back to the dark and cold of northern Europe and the Netherlands.

Without two of our offspring, who had their own plans.

In the years since , our youngest has also spread his wings and we find ourselves in a new phase of life – still parents but offering advice and support to our brood via Skype, phone, text and WhatsApp from an empty nest.

As an editor and writer I pen articles about life in general, international life in particular. I prefer to observe our experiences from a life perspective rather than an as expat travelogue. (Although we do get out and about occasionally.)

While the Wordgeyser blog aims to be upbeat and positive there are occasional topics with darker undertones – living away from family and comfort zones, can, and does, present unique and unexpected challenges, whether you live overseas or another part of the same country. Life happens and lessons are learnt, sometimes the hard way – whoever and wherever we are, we deal with the same life issues.

This blog is about sharing those life lessons – the good, bad and sad – and the wonderful people we meet along the way.

I don’t have all the answers, but I know sharing experiences helps others in ways we can’t imagine. Understanding we’re not alone is often all we need to pick ourselves up and get back on track when things go awry. Mostly they don’t and every day can be a new adventure if we allow it to be.

Enjoy – and feedback is always welcome!

Jane Dean is a freelance editor and writer working with clients and publications globally. She currently lives in The Hague, Netherlands with her husband. 

She is an associate of the Society of Editors and Proof Readers, UK, and a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, USA.



Editor and production liaison, Summertime Publishing, England.

Former co-editor and editorial advisor of  The Underground, The Hague,  a cultural monthly publication, in English,  in print and online.

Email:  wordgeyser@gmail.com and WordgeyserEditing@gmail.com

Twitter: @wordgeyser


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Wordgeyser

8 Responses to About Wordgeyser

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  5. robincoyle says:

    I found you because of Maggie’s nomination of you and I am glad I did. Watch for a follow!

  6. Maggie Myklebust says:

    After reading this…I know you are the right person to edit my book. Because this is my story!

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