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Leash Laws and Dog Wardens

The bell tolls long and loud for all Dutch dog owners from 1 March through to 1 August. The annual leash laws mean rather than running freely through public parks and woodland (in slow motion with the theme to Chariots of … Continue reading

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Raunchy Daffodils and Randy Tulips: Learning the Lingo Part III

February, and those fragile signs that winter is finally drawing to a close and spring is just around the corner. Spending time outdoors walking the Archster I’m perhaps more aware than most of the changing seasons – when the first snowdrops appear and … Continue reading

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Diplomatic Incidents In the Sick Bed

I have been forced back to bed for the day by my husband, not for the bliss of carnal delights, but because he seems to think I’m ‘going down with something’. The possibility of the domestic helm being unmanned has galvanised him into action, … Continue reading

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Snow Day in The Hague

Snow Day! Well, we have about an inch but the way the Dutch roads have ground to a halt makes you think we had at least six feet. Driving into The Hague this morning was easy – driving out after four hours of continual snow … Continue reading

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