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Living in the Netherlands: The Good, The Bad and The Frustrating.

I first wrote about moving to the Netherlands several years ago when I’d had time to settle in and get established, but was still new enough to the Dutch culture to see it through fresh eyes. Since that original article … Continue reading

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Forced to Fly: Expat Survival Guide

The second edition of Jo Parfitt’s Forced To Fly is the much anticipated, updated anthology of expat experiences – finding humour in the strangest of circumstances and unusual places – and is a great read on many levels. The book is in … Continue reading

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Family Travels and Unaccompanied Children

There’s something rather nice about returning home from travelling, even if home is in a foreign country. It’s a feeling of having survived a mission during which so much could have gone wrong. As I mentioned a few posts ago, getting out of … Continue reading

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Keukenhof: Useful Tips for Reluctant Visitors

I realised in my earlier post I’d forgotten to include some pretty important stuff you may like to consider before visiting the Keukenhof, should you decide to go at some point over the next few weeks. The weather here in The … Continue reading

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Question: What is An Expat?

According to the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) – for me the only font of knowledge when it comes to definitive explanation of all words English – ‘expatriate’ is defined as, ‘To expel, remove oneself from homeland; withdraw oneself from citizenship or … Continue reading

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